Active wound management innovations: APR Applied Pharma Research and ATG Allied Technologies Group sign a partnership to distribute the innovative active cleanser Nexodyn® AOS into Germany and Turkey markets

Balerna (Switzerland) and Wermelskrichen (Germany), April, 25th 2017APR Applied Pharma Research s.a., the Swiss independent developer of science driven and patent protected healthcare products, and ATG Allied Technologies Group, announce today the signature of a business partnership which allows to distribute and market the innovative active cleanser Nexodyn® AOS AcidOxidizing Solution (Nexodyn® AOS) in Germany and Turkey.

Chronic wound healing represents an emerging healthcare issue both from a clinical and social perspective. A wound is a dynamic environment that, when not well managed, contributes in addition to the underlying disease to delay the healing process, also increasing the risk of local infections. Experts agree that traditional therapeutic alternatives do not satisfactorily address the complex clinical picture, characterized by bacterial overgrowth, un-remitting inflammation, pronounced wound bed alkalinity and reduced tissue oxygenationi.

According to a new market research, the global wound healing market is expected to reach USD 20.4 Billion by 2021 from USD 17.0 Billion in 2016, growing at a CAGR of 3.6% from 2016 to 2021ii. Traditional products market is almost mature and total sales are expected to rapidly decline, while innovative active wound healing technologies – increasingly used as a first line therapy – show a significant annual growth rateiii.

“Nowadays, healthcare professionals and patients strive for solutions able to address wound healing complexity under different angles, starting with the possibility to actively cleanse the wound in order to help recreate the ideal conditions for self-healing and self-regeneration. That is what Nexodyn® AOS actually does, by creating an ideal wound microenvironment conducive to physiological wound healing, and this is why it is increasingly appreciated.” says Paolo Galfetti, Chief Executive Officer of APR.

“Nexodyn® AOS comes and fills a gap within our wide range of high quality wound care products. Thanks to our longstanding experience in wound healing, we have recognized that a critical aspect to promote and complete the wound healing process is to appropriately manage the wound microenvironment. For many years, we have been searching for the possibility to complete our portfolio with an active wound cleanser, able to combine a wound-friendly mechanical cleansing with active properties such as a local ancillary antimicrobial action against excessive wound bioburden. Clinical evidences and field experiences show that Nexodyn® AOS from APR is the most suitable solution for this purpose.” says Tolga Halici, Managing Director of AT Technologies GmbH and Member of the Board of ATG.

“As a science driven developer, APR intends to provide a growing body of clinical evidence to further delineate Nexodyn® AOS safety and efficacy profile.” adds Paolo Galfetti, Chief Executive Officer of APR.

Scientific data were presented and discussed by leading wound care experts at the latest 5th WUHWS International Congress, held in Florence, in September 2016. APR and ATG are going now to participate to the forthcoming EWMA (European Wound Management Association) International Congress, in Amsterdam (May 3-5th 2017). It will be the occasion to present new data on Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS) with three posters on new pre-clinical and clinical data. On Thursday 4th of May international experts will present real-life clinical cases, supported by videos and slides. Further information about APR, ATG and the innovative active cleanser Nexodyn® AOS will be available at Congress booth, where meetings with potential partners are scheduled to discuss new business opportunities.

About Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution
Nexodyn® AOS is an AcidOxidizing spray solution, characterized by pH<3, RedOx >1000mV and stabilized Hypochlorous Acid (>95% of free chlorine species) – intended for use in the debridement, irrigation and moistening of acute and chronic wounds, ulcers, cuts, abrasions, burns and other lesions.
Nexodyn® AOS has been developed based on APR’s proprietary and patented technology TEHCLO®, enabling the production of super-oxidized solutions containing free chlorine species, of which stabilized Hypochlorous Acid (HClO) in very high concentration (> 95%). A wide array of non-clinical experiments and clinical observations suggest Nexodyn® AOS to act as a valid support to the activation of the physiological processes that restart wound healing, in presence of a favorable safety and tolerability profile. The convenient and easy-to-use spray formulation completes Nexodyn® AOS’s profile, providing healthcare professionals with a new tool for an optimized wound care.

About APR Applied Pharma Research s.a.
APR is a Swiss, independent developer of science driven, patent protected healthcare products. The Company identifies, develops and licenses science driven, value added products designed to address patient or consumer needs in niche or rare therapeutic areas on a global basis. In particular, APR is currently focused on 2 (two) areas: (i) internally developed and financed (alone or together with our co-development partners) proprietary, value added products to be licensed to healthcare companies for their commercialization, and (ii) support to third party projects by offering added value R&D services under contract and fee for service arrangements. APR has a balanced pipeline of revenue generating branded products marketed in all major markets combined with a compelling pipeline of products at different stage of development. APR has entered into licensing and partnership agreements with pharmaceutical companies in over 70 countries with international sales on a worldwide basis.

About AT Technologies GmbH
AT Technologies GmbH, based in Germany, is a full-range provider in the wound care market since 2006. As known wound treatment contains phase-specific procedures referring current international guidelines. Due to that AT Technologies offers phase-specific full range wound care products such as advanced wound care products, skin substitutes, NPWT, tissue engineering as well as conventional wound care dressings. AT Technologies is working regularly on research, development and marketing of innovative wound healing products. The focus of AT Technologies is on helping medical professionals apply the best materials and products for more accurate and fast wound healing. AT Technologies is also designing the protocols and trainings that make medical professionals capable. Corresponding to that, AT Technologies operates in more than 15 countries and is regularly searching the possibilities to operate in new territories and area with innovative products.
AT Technologies is a proud member of the Allied Technologies Group (ATG).
For more information about AT Technologies GmbH please visit

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iii S. Jackson – J. Stevens, Market analysis: the future of wound care, in MX January/February 2006

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