APR announce his Legal Counsellor Roberto Aldovini extraordinary accomplishment: the completion as 1st of his category and Record Breaking of the Iditasport race at Anchorage, Alaska. 200 miles by foot run in about 67 hours.

Roberto Aldovini, Legal Counsellor at APR Applied Pharma Reserch recently completed the Iditasport race at Anchorage, Alaska, 200 miles to be run between February 7th and 11th, 2014. The race was intended for foot-runners and mountain bikers, Roberto Aldovini was the only foot runner to complete the race this year also setting the new record at 2 days 19 hours and 42 minutes.

Ultra Marathon does not have a lot of media coverage, said Paolo Galfetti CEO at APR, but it’s a clear example of how a well disciplined mind together with a strong willpower can drive men to accomplish unbelievable results, and we at APR are all proud that Roberto Aldovini is part of our team.

It was a great inspiration to me, said Roberto Aldovini, knowing that all my APR’s colleagues were following and sustaining me during the race. This accomplishment would not have probably been possible without their sustain.

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