APR presents new data at SSIEM Annual Symposium showing benefits of PKU GOLIKE® in PKU management

Rotterdam 4th September – APR Applied Pharma Research s.a. (“APR”), the Swiss pharma company focused in specialized therapeutic areas and rare diseases, presents today at the annual conference of SSIEM (Society for the Study of Inborn Errors in Metabolism) latest scientific data confirming benefits of PKU GOLIKE® in PKU management.

During the satellite symposium “Physiological Absorption of amino acids: nitrogen balance and patient outcomes”, international opinion leaders will present and discuss about the importance of securing a physiological absorption of amino acids (AAs) and their ability to mimic the absorption profile of natural intact proteins, in the dietary management of PKU patients.

Focus will be on verifying how a prolonged-release AA mixture may allow a more efficient AA utilization in a pre-clinical model, and for the first time on presenting an experience of use of PKU GOLIKE® in PKU patients.

In particular, the new pre-clinical data sustain the hypothesis that AAs characterized by a demonstrated prolonged release have tangible positive consequences. In fact, rats receiving PKU GOLIKE® significantly increased their strength when compared to rats receiving the same AAs in free form, as shown by the results of the grip test. Such muscular strength might be the result of a more favorable balance of muscle anabolism and catabolism, as shown by the measurement of appropriate biomarkers in the rats receiving the AAs powered by the Physiomimic™ technology vs those receiving the free AAs.

Also, the metabolic balancing effects of the prolonged-release AAs have been observed in these rats, presenting a better tolerance to a glucose load when fed with the modified AAs, as compared to free AAs.

During the meeting, for the first time, preliminary outcomes of the use of PKU GOLIKE® in patients will be presented and discussed.

The company staff are present at the venue in the exhibition area to answer any inquiry regarding the product as well as the Physiomimic™ technology behind it, which visitors will be able to literally experience via a 3D action video. Moreover, today, from 12.30 to 14.30 pm during the poster session, presenters will be available to give more details about the evidences of the human kinetics study.

“We are very pleased to be here to share with the medical community the significant results of these studies, which confirm the extent of our innovation for those involved in PKU management, either patients, caregivers or HCPs.” said Giorgio Reiner. Corporate Director R&D. “After the positive feedback from Italy and Germany where PKU GOLIKE® is promoted and distributed directly by our local subsidiaries, we are looking forward to see the next launches in Portugal, Spain and UK. Our commercial partners have joined us during this important event to have a glimpse of what PKU GOLIKE® could mean for PKU patients.” said Paolo Galfetti, CEO of APR.

About Phenylketonuria or PKU
Phenylketonuria or PKU is a rare, genetic, recessive metabolic disorder affecting about 50.000 people worldwide. PKU is characterized by the deficiency or the malfunctioning of a liver enzyme needed to process phenylalanine (“Phe”). PKU has to be treated through a strict, life-long, low-protein (low-Phe) dietetic treatment combined with a daily assumption of low-protein modified foods and medical food or irreversible mental and physical disabilities will develop.

PKU GOLIKE® is an innovative food for special medical purposes (FSMP) consisting of a Phe-free amino acid mixture. For the first time a pharmaceutical technology has been applied to a FSMP and the innovative PKU GOLIKE®, engineered with Physiomimic™ technology, provides a prolonged-released of amino acids and grants a remarkable taste and odor masking while preventing aftertaste. This prolonged release leads to a physiological absorption of amino acids, similar to dietary proteins, to favor a more efficient amino acid utilization and health benefits. The improvement of free-amino acids’ organoleptic features aims to support compliance to the nutritional management of the diet for a better quality of life.

The product line is formed by: PKU GOLIKE® PLUS 3-16 & PKU GOLIKE® PLUS 16+ with amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and PKU GOLIKE® PURE 3+ with only amino acids.

For more information about PKU GOLIKE® and the Physiomimic™ Technology, please visit: www.apr.ch/apr-pharma-products/medical-prescription/genetic-metabolic-disease/

About APR Applied Pharma Research s.a.
APR is a Swiss independent pharma company focused on development and global commercialization of innovative, research-driven products designed to address unmet needs in specialized therapeutic areas and rare diseases. APR combine pharmaceutical development expertise with proprietary drug delivery technologies to realize solutions that meaningfully improve the lives of people with rare diseases and empower families through novel approaches to disease management. A diverse and balanced portfolio of revenue-generating products in all major markets is complemented by a robust pipeline of innovative products at different stages of development for the treatment of recessive metabolic disorders, as well as rare dermatological and ocular diseases. Products are directly commercialized by APR through inhouse sales and marketing teams in strategically important countries across Europe and a growing worldwide network of commercial partners.

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