LABORATORIOS CINFA launches Respirub in Spain, an innovative formulation of a balsamic rub cream, also available in pediatric formulation, developed by APR Applied Pharma Research.

Laboratorios Cinfa launched in the Spanish market Respirub and Respirub infantil, a non-greasy, clean balsamic rub cream available in an innovative dispensing stick.

“Improving existing healthcare products is a long term mission of our company” said Paolo Galfetti CEO of APR. “The concept of a balsamic rub-cream is very old but also most of the formulations currently marketed are quite obsolete. We thought the concept was still good but the patients would have benefit for a more modern application of such concept and therefore we decided to develop a rub-cream with the most advanced and up-to-date standards in term of safety, cleanliness, easy use. We are very proud company of the reputation of CINFA took this opportunity for such an important market like Spain. I would also like to express my appreciation for the great cooperation we had from Bioselenia, our strategic licensing partner, that helped to build the connection between APR and CINFA on this deal”.

Respirub and Respirub infantil are balsamic creams fully developed by APR respectively for adults and kids starting from 3 years old. The adult formulation is based on menthol, eucalyptus and camphor while the kid formulation is based on eucalyptus, pine and lavender. The product may be used as a traditional rub-cream, directly inhaled from the stick or poured in warm water to inhale the vapors. In all these possible uses, there is no need of touching the cream with the hands.

About Laboratorios Cinfa
Cinfa is the Spain’s leading pharmaceutical company in sales by volume through retail pharmacies, and Spain’s second leading pharmaceutical company if we include international companies in the ranking. Cinfa’s intensive export activities extend to over 30 countries worldwide, mainly in French-speaking Africa and Latin America. The company’s modern laboratories are located in Navarra (Spain) with two industrial sites equipped with the very latest technology, where it manufactures more than 70 million product units every year under the most rigorous quality controls. With over 40 years’ experience, Cinfa offers one of the most complete formularies on the market with over 750 presentations. It’s work is focused on three product ranges: generic medicines in all therapeutic areas; OTC medicines that do not require prescription which include a full orthopaedic range; and a new dermocosmetic product line under the Be+ brand, with treatments for the care of all skin types.

About APR Applied Pharma Research
APR is an independent, international and integrated Healthcare Company headquartered in Switzerland with a subsidiary in Charlotte (NC, USA) and focused on three major areas: Delivering, Funding and Supporting Innovation in Healthcare. In particular, APR develops and licenses innovative, value added and patented healthcare products and proprietary drug delivery systems primarily in the oral and topical fields; APR also invests in companies or early stage innovative projects and provides a balanced mix of equity funding and/or financing together with APR’s development, scientific, technical, marketing, licensing and management skills and know how; finally, APR supports biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the development of new pharmaceutical projects by providing on a contract basis added value, consultancy and R&D services under contract using a General Contractor’s approach. APR has entered into licensing agreements with pharmaceutical companies in over 100 countries worldwide with international sales on a worldwide basis.

About Bioselenia
Bioselenia is a European consulting company focused on transaction services (Licensing IN & OUT activities – Assets acquisition and divesting – Company Mergers and Acquisitions – Company start up) and on business development operations. Already present in Italy and Spain, Bioselenia is an organization of experienced and successful people who are committed to sharing their own experiences and knowledge of the markets to assist clients through the entire projects process.

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