GOLIKE Shake & Drink makes the intake of the amino acid mix as easy as drinking a glass of water

APR Applied Pharma Research s.a. (“APR”) proposes a new ally for patients with Phenylketonuria (“PKU”): GOLIKE Shake & Drink, a handy bottle of slightly gelled water that makes the PKU GOLIKE amino acid mix quick and easy to drink.

Balerna, 28th June 2020 – From now on, people living and dealing with PKU have the possibility to easily sip PKU GOLIKE with GOLIKE Shake & Drink. PKU GOLIKE is a phenylalanine-free amino acid mix, which represents an evolution in the dietary management of phenylketonuria. The PKU GOLIKE innovation lies in the special coating of the amino acids that gives rise to a formulation in granules with special characteristics. The PKU GOLIKE granules have a dual advantage: they mask the unpleasant taste, odour and aftertaste of the amino acids and, at the same time, promote a more physiological absorption. PKU GOLIKE can be taken with creamy foods and thick drinks, both sweet and savoury, in which the product maintains its granular consistency, preserving its benefits and ensuring that the original flavour of dishes remains unaltered.

“More than a year ago, we offered people who have to deal with PKU every day, an innovative amino acid mix that could satisfy the unmet needs associated with their diet. The positive results reported to us by healthcare professionals, patients and families were certainly rewarding, however, our real motivation to progress further came from suggestions for improvement. The need to make PKU GOLIKE granules easier to drink was clearly perceived, which encouraged us to continue our research and development programme to elaborate proposals that would improve the nutritional management of PKU even further. This aim, which inspires me and the whole APR team, gives me energy in everyday life, as an entrepreneur and as a father of a boy with phenylketonuria. And this is how the idea of developing an ally that would make PKU GOLIKE even easier to use was originated”.

These are the words of Paolo Galfetti, CEO of APR Applied Pharma Research, which now presents GOLIKE Shake & Drink. GOLIKE Shake & Drink is a small bottle containing just 150 ml of slightly gelled water with xanthan gum, without any flavourings or additional calories. The slightly gelled water-based solution allows PKU GOLIKE granules to be suspended and makes them easy and quick to drink, while preserving all the benefits of the product. GOLIKE Shake & Drink thus provides a practical way of drinking the PKU GOLIKE mix in granules.

People living with PKU can now choose whether to continue adding PKU GOLIKE to their favourite meals or use the GOLIKE Shake & Drink bottle, offered for free with every pack of PKU GOLIKE, to drink the mix like a glass of water, or to alternate the two methods of consumption.

About Phenylketonuria or PKU
Phenylketonuria or PKU is a rare, recessive metabolic genetic disorder that affects about 500,000 people all over the world. PKU is characterized by a deficiency or lack of an enzyme needed to metabolize phenylalanine (Phe). PKU is treated by means of a strict diet – to be followed for life – with a low phenylalanine content (and thus a low protein content), which therefore requires amino acid supplementation through specific products.

PKU GOLIKE® is a phenylalanine-free food for special medical purposes (FSMP) in granules, containing amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Engineered with the Physiomimic Technology™, PKU GOLIKE is characterised by a special coating that ensures a more physiological absorption of the amino acids, masking their unpleasant taste, odour and aftertaste. For further details, see: www.apr.ch/apr-pharma-products/medical-prescription/genetic-metabolic-disease/

About APR Applied Pharma Research s.a.
APR is an independent pharma company headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Italy and Germany focused, since more than 25 years, in the development and commercialisation of products intended to improve the quality of life of patients and families affected with rare or debilitating diseases.

APR leverages many years of experience in developing patented drug delivery technologies, which are then applied to develop innovative therapeutic solutions.

APR’s portfolio includes products for the treatment of rare or niche diseases which are commercialised in about 50 countries worldwide either directly through its subsidiaries as well as indirectly through distribution agreements with selected partners. APR believes that a tireless effort in the research represents the fundamental pillar of the future therapeutic solutions and, for this reason, the pipeline includes products at different stage of development concentrated in 3 selected therapeutic areas: inherited metabolic recessive diseases, cancer supportive care and skin rare diseases.

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