Halykoo sails off to Australia and New Zealand

APR records another success in widening its global network of partners for its pediatric healthcare brand Halykoo, which has been recently launched in Italy and will be rolled out in 2016 in several countries across the world.

Halykoo brand, designed and developed by APR, innovates the market of pediatric self-care as it aims to transform child care-giving in a peaceful, simple and safe time of relation between mother and kid, getting parents’ confidence and smiling babies.

Halykoo is the first line of pediatric healthcare products offering, under only one umbrella brand, tailor-made therapeutic solutions for children’s health and wellbeing since newborns in the major therapeutic categories of the market.

The agreement will enable Eris Pharma to enter the pediatric market: “We are proud to have the chance to launch the Halykoo range in Australia and New Zealand” – said Mr. Panos Athanasiou, CEO of Eris Pharma. “The Halykoo brand will complement consistently our product portfolio, allowing us to bring to the Australian & New Zealand markets products targeting currently unaddressed needs of children from a very young age, providing the needed confidence and reassurance to their parents.”

Halykoo represents a great opportunity to successfully compete in as valuable an area of the market as pediatric healthcare” confirmed Mr. Karl Hansen, Eris Pharma Sales Director who is eager to introduce Halykoo brand to Australian parents and children.

APR is delighted to hail this partnership with Eris Pharma, as it allows the company to enter new attractive overseas markets, Australia and New Zealand, and proves Halykoo internationally valuable positioning and potential.

For more info about Halykoo please visit: www.Halykoo.com