Halykoo® worldwide partners network further expanding

APR and Monrone Healthcare, the middle east Outsourcing Health and Beauty business, have recently entered a partnership agreement to promote, distribute and market the Halykoo® pediatric healthcare product range in Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain.

The deal between APR and Monrone comes after previous marketing of Halykoo® in Italy, Ukraine and the former Yugoslavia area, and thanks to this agreement APR will we able to further expand its network distribution across the world, thus confirming the strong appeal and distinctive positioning of Halykoo® on an international scale.

“We believe our partnership with APR is an opportunity to successfully gain a sizable share of the competitive paediatric healthcare market which, in the middle east region is worth up to 120 million $. Halykoo®, indeed, provides problem solution products offering parents a simple, safe and innovative range of goods to deal with their babies healthcare issues. – commented Mohamed Samir – Market access manager, Monrone.

Paolo Galfetti, CEO of APR, explained: “We are proud to welcome Monrone in our growing global network partners and strongly believe it will be an important partner for us as it holds the experience, the geographic reach and distribution infrastructure to best market and deliver Halykoo® product range.”

For more info about Halykoo please visit: www.Halykoo.com