Nexodyn® AOS distribution grows bigger

Nexodyn® AOS appreciation as an appropriate solution for an optimized wound care is significantly spreading: APR’s active wound cleanser will soon be marketed in Germany, Turkey and Middle East countries, thanks to new strategic partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies, such as ATG Allied Technologies Group and Aghraas Cigalah.

Chronic wound healing represents an emerging healthcare issue both from a clinical and social perspective, whilst being a market expected to hit USD 20.4 billion by 2021i, mostly driven by innovative active wound healing solutions.

A wound is a dynamic environment that, when not well managed, contributes in addition to the underlying disease to delay the healing process, also increasing the risk of local infections. Experts agree that traditional therapeutic alternatives do not satisfactorily address the complex clinical picture, characterized by bacterial overgrowth, un-remitting inflammation, pronounced wound bed alkalinity and reduced tissue oxygenationii.

Nexodyn® AOS provides healthcare professionals and patients with a solution able to address wound healing complexity by creating an ideal wound microenvironment conducive to physiological wound healing.

“For many years we have been searching for the possibility to complete our portfolio with an active wound cleanser, such as Nexodyn® AOS, able to combine a wound-friendly mechanical cleansing with active properties such as a local ancillary antimicrobial action against excessive wound bioburden.” says Tolga Halici, Managing Director of AT Technologies GmbH and Member of the Board of ATG.

On the other hand, as Yasser Naghy, CEO of Aghraas-Cigalah stated, Nexodyn® AOS will help the company strengthen its position within the Middle East wound cleansing market, whose value is around USD 130 Mil, by building a growing MS while addressing important unmet medical needs.

As a science driven developer, APR intends to provide a growing body of clinical evidence to further delineate Nexodyn® AOS safety and efficacy profile.

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i) L. Neri – A. Fattori – S. Rowan, Chronic wounds: unmet medical needs, in Acta Vulnologica 14 (4), 2015 December, pp. 171-185

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