Nexodyn® international exposure at recent WUWHS congress in Florence

Applied Pharma Research APR has recently attended the last World Union of Wound Healing Societies Congress in Florence in cooperation with the Italian partner, Angelini ACRAF S.p.A., which started the promotion and the distribution of APR’s innovative active cleanser under its own brand beginning of 2016.

The two companies have organized a successful Satellite Symposium entitled “Revisiting Wound Cleansing: Active Modulation of the Wound Microenvironment”, during which top-notch wound-care professionals have introduced to Healthcare Professionals data on the importance of an appropriate wound microenvironment management, in order to sustain the physiological healing process of chronic wounds, and highlight Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS) benefits in the clinical setting.

This international congress has also been the occasion to disseminate new relevant scientific data of a pilot study conducted by Prof. Strohal, confirming the advantages of Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS) in supporting healing in patients with chronic ulcers as well as reinforcing its favorable tolerability profile.

Nexodyn® Acid-Oxidizing Solution (AOS) is indicated for the treatment of chronic wounds (e.g. diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, lower leg
ulcers, vascular ulcers), post-surgical wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns and other lesions. As it contains hypochlorous acid as a preservative, it can prevent wound contamination by exerting a local antimicrobial effect on the wound surface.

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