Nexodyn™: new clinical data in lower leg ulcers and diabetic foot lesions.

Evidences on the efficacy and safety of Nexodyn™, an acidOxiding solution (AOS) of Applied Pharma Research s.a. (APR), have been recently presented at two international congresses; the 25th European Wound Management Association (EWMA, London, 13-15 May 2015) and the 7th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot (ISDF, The Hague, 20-23 May 2015).

Dr. E. Ricci presented at EMWA how, in 9 patients with infected chronic ulcers of different etiology showing unsatisfactory progress with standard therapies, Nexodyn™ was able to induce a significant resolution of local infection while simultaneously improving wound conditions and supporting microenvironment normalization.

Besides, the group of Prof. A. Piaggesi contributed to ISDF reporting the clinical outcomes of the application of the new acidOxidizing solution in patients with post-surgical, non-ischemic and non-infected diabetic foot lesions. In 25 Nexodyn-treated patients, a significantly reduced number of re-infections and debridement procedures and a faster wound healing time have been observed compared with a similar group of saline-managed patients (n=25).