Nexodyn™ remarkable healing and pain relief

New data from a clinical case series of 4 polymorbid patients with large (120-300 cm2), hard-to-heal, chronic wounds showed that Nexodyn™ – a new acid-oxidizing spray solution, characterized by acid (pH<3) and super-oxidizing features and containing free chlorine species of which stabilized hypochlorous acid in high concentration (>95%) – favors healing and provides greater pain relief compared to previous responses.

Nexodyn™, used in the debridement, cleansing and moisturizing of the wound bed, concurs in modulating the wound micro-environment, with clinically relevant effects on bioburden control and wound healing indicators (wound area and depth, WBP score, exudate and pain).

These findings, presented at the 8th International Workshop on Wound Technology (Paris, 18-20 Jan 2015), strengthen the efficacy of Nexodyn™ in restarting the wound healing process and indicate that its application on chronic wounds, for which standard of care are costly and not always lead to satisfactory results, offers an improved overall treatment with remarkable healing rates.