APR business is expanding in China with SwitzAge®

Guangzhou (China) and Balerna (Switzerland) January 9th, 2017 – APR Applied Pharma Research s.a. (“APR”), the Swiss, independent developer of science driven, patent protected healthcare products and the Chinese company, Enterprise Innovation Ltd. (“Enterprise”), announce today they have entered into an exclusive partnership agreement for the promotion, marketing and distribution of an innovative, Swiss made range of Supplements targeting adult and mature people under the brand SwitzAge® in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

SwitzAge® is the first Swiss range of scientific proven solutions, all formulated and produced in Switzerland, which aim at enhancing adult and mature people quality of life by targeting healthcare needs to enable them to realize their potential for physical, social and mental wellbeing throughout the life course. SwitzAge® line is made of 8 food supplements, whose development was inspired from a patient-centric and holistic health approach to provide the right answers for body and mind enhancement, by improving physical energy extent as well as the overall balance in terms of memory, concentration and sleep quality, along with a proper differentiation per gender. More in depth, the product range spans, among others, solutions for cardiovascular system efficiency and genitourinary well-being, for males, as well as for menopause hormonal swing regulation and skin anti-ageing for females.

Each SwitzAge® product is the result of the Swiss high-quality pharmaceutical research, applied to human ageing: in particular, products formulations contain a balanced mix of natural ingredients (vitamins, minerals and functional extracts), and they are compliant with both Swiss and Chinese food supplement strict regulations. Moreover, they are totally lactose, sugar and gluten free and they all come in a user-friendly pharmaceutical form, a mono-dose effervescent powder, for an easier administration.

Life expectancy in China has been growing significantly in the last 15 years, now slightly beyond 75 years, because of the overall improvement of life quality standards of the population related to the country industrialization and increasing buying power. On the other hand , the percentage of the so called adult and mature people (between 45 and 64 years of age), currently representing around 30% of the total, is expected to get much bigger in the future together with the ageing of the Baby Boomers and “only children”. As international research shows, new health-care needs are likely to be addressed in order to ensure high lifestyle quality as well as physical and mental well-being along the ageing natural course.

“We are very pleased – said Paolo Galfetti, CEO and Co-Founder of APR – to seize the opportunity to widen our presence in China with an innovative range of food supplements, which aims at becoming a sort of personal ageing trainer for Chinese adult and mature people.
Our products offer the unique advantage of the highest Swiss quality standards of research and production, and thus can make a real difference in a market dominated by local products”.

“We are proud of this partnership agreement with APR – said Mr. George Liang, CEO of Enterprise – as SwitzAge® range perfectly matches the current increasing demand of highquality Western-like healthcare solutions and our mission of becoming a groundbreaking player in the food supplement market. We are confident that APR SwitzAge® products combined with our expertise in Chinese food supplement market will allow us to exploit the future growth of adult and mature people population, by fulfilling appropriately their healthcare needs.

About APR Applied Pharma Research s.a.
APR is a Swiss, independent developer of science driven, patent protected healthcare products. The Company identifies, develops and licenses, value added products designed to address patient or consumer needs in niche or rare therapeutic areas on a global basis. In particular, APR’s business model is currently focused on two pillars: (i) internally developed and financed (alone or together with co-development partners) proprietary, value added products to be licensed to healthcare companies for their commercialization, and (ii) support to third party projects by offering added value R&D services under contract and fee for service arrangements. APR has a balanced pipeline of revenue generating branded products marketed in all major markets, combined with a compelling pipeline of products at different stages of development. APR has entered into licensing and partnership agreements with pharmaceutical companies in over 70 countries, with international sales on a worldwide basis.

About Enterprise Innovation Ltd.
Enterprise Innovation Ltd., is a certified supplement and healthcare products sales organization with a distribution network cross the nation.

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