PKU GOLIKE now available in Germany and Italy

PKU GOLIKE, the innovative medical food for phenylketonuria dietary management. is now available in Italy and Germany where it is promoted and commercialized directly by APR sa through its local subsidiaries.

In Italy where the product was launched last October, it’s gathering extremely positive feedbacks from physicians who have already recommended PKU GOLIKE® to a promising number of patients.

In Germany the product has been officially introduced to healthcare professionals in March during the 33th Annual Meeting of the APS (German Association for Pediatric Metabolic Medicine) as well as to dieticians beginning of May.

“The launch of PKU GOLIKE marks a major step for our company: given the specific nature of the project and its relevance, we want to be in direct control of the distribution and promotion as well as to become a closer partner with HCPs and patients.” said Paolo Galfetti, CEO of APR.

PKU GOLIKE is an innovative food for special medical purposes (FSMP) consisting of a Phe-free amino acid mixture. For the first time a pharmaceutical technology has been applied to a FSMP and the innovative PKU GOLIKE, engineered with Physiomimic technology™, provides a prolonged-released of amino acids and grants a remarkable taste and odor masking while preventing aftertaste. This prolonged release leads to a physiological absorption of amino acids, similar to dietary proteins, to favor a more efficient amino acid utilization and health benefits. The improvement of free-amino acids’ organoleptic features aims to support compliance to the nutritional management of the diet for a better quality of life.

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