Spotlight on PKU Management: not all problems are solved

Great interest at the 40th edition of the annual meeting promoted by SIMD (Society for Inherited Metabolic Diseases) for the results of a global market research project on PKU management presented by APR with the poster “Phenylketonuria: not all problems are solved”.

This qualitative research, conducted in the United States and five European Countries and involving more than 100 interviews with pediatricians, dieticians and PKU care-givers or patients, aimed at providing insights on many aspects of PKU management to identify areas of improvement.

The survey indicates that patients’ adherence to the currently prescribed amino acid (AA) supplements is still a key issue and that it is mainly driven by taste fatigue, thus making difficult for physicians and patients to reach a good long-term patient compliance to the recommended dietary regimen.

In light of the interviews, it is reasonable to conclude that an innovative supplementation addressing this need could contribute significantly to ameliorate PKU management, thus confirming APR’s innovation could be a suitable answer.

APR developed a patented new technology (known as Physiomimic Technology™), with the precise objective of providing PKU patients with an innovative Phe-free AA supplement, which can concomitantly help patients remain adherent to the prescription of amino acid supplementation as well as improve their quality of life.
In particular, the technology is able to remarkably mask the naturally unpleasant taste and the odor of some amino acids, offering a considerably palatable medical food.

On the other side, the supplementation, by providing amino acids in a physiological manner, has the very encouraging potential of increasing the rate of amino acid assimilation into protein and balancing the steep blood fluctuation s typical of the free amino acids, aspects that are being studied for their expected benefits on patients’ health.

Further relevant advancements will be presented by APR at the 56th Annual Symposium of the SSIEM (Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism) on September 4th-7th in  Athens, which will be a great occasion for clinicians to get to know APR innovation and the patented technology behind it.

Stay tuned!