PKU GOLIKE lands in Portugal

After Italy and Germany, PKU GOLIKE, our innovative medical food for PKU dietary management, has been recently launch in Portugal thanks to an exclusive partnership with LifeDiet, a local company focused on the distribution of products for the treatment of metabolic diseases.

We are pleased and proud to keep expanding our international range of action, thus offering the opportunity to new patients and families of a real change in PKU management.

“It was a honor to have on the stage two top notch experts in PKU, Prof. Anita McDonald and Prof. J.C. Rocha, who explained thoroughly the benefits of our product, PKU GOLIKE, starting from the physiological absorption of amino acids, and the Physiomimic Technology behind it.” said Paolo Galfetti, CEO of APR.

PKU GOLIKE is an innovative food for special medical purposes (FSMP) consisting of a Phe-free amino acid mixture. For the first time a pharmaceutical technology has been applied to a FSMP and the innovative PKU GOLIKE, engineered with Physiomimic technology™, provides a prolonged-released of amino acids and grants a remarkable taste and odor masking while preventing aftertaste. This prolonged release leads to a physiological absorption of amino acids, similar to dietary proteins, to favor a more efficient amino acid utilization and health benefits. The improvement of free-amino acids’ organoleptic features aims to support compliance to the nutritional management of the diet for a better quality of life.

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