Despite recent advances there is still a significant unmet clinical need for improved management of chronic wounds. A retrospective analysis in 20 patients with treatment-resistant leg ulcers (mean onset: 27.3 months), presented at the 6th Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (Las Vegas, 16-18 Oct 2014), showed that after 6 weeks of Nexodyn treatment, 70% of wounds showed a reduction in size with 25% being completely healed.

Nexodyn significantly reduced wound-associated pain (38% reduction vs. baseline) and infection rates (100% resolved at week 6). Nexodyn, a new solution with pure (>95% of chlorine species) and stabilized hypochlorous acid and unique acid-oxidizing properties (pH<3; RedOx 1100mV), facilitates physiological wound healing thanks to an excellent control of the bioburden as well as to an indirect effect on the wound microenvironment also involving local inflammatory processes.