New agreement between APR and Gamma Laboratories to launch HALYKOO® in Central America


APR  is pleased to announce that Halykoo®,  an innovative OTC Baby Healthcare line, will be available in Central America thanks to a license agreement with Gamma Laboratories, a relevant company of pharmaceutical and OTC products.

Halykoo® introduces a new market approach that switches the focus from the disease  to the end user (mother and child) offering all parents with children aged from 0 month to 6 years healthcare solutions to face every day the little health discomforts and wellness problems.
Gamma Laboratories is a Central American leading pharmaceutical company headquartered in El Salvador, with over 30 years of experience in the production and sale of human and veterinary pharmaceutical products in the regional market which includes 9 countries (such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador).
Halykoo® has the potential to gain a significant market share in Central American and is a valuable complement to Gamma Laboratories current range.
APR and Gamma Laboratories will get ahead together.
All the brand and products information are available on the corporate website,